Friday, February 10, 2012

Fragrance Survey: My Picks for the Best


As usual I was looking through some of my favorite beauty blogs and I came across Yummy 411's fragrance survey and I knew I had to take part!  If you know me personally then you probably already know that next to makeup I am a fragrance fiend.  I am guilty of stalking sites when a new fragrance is released so that I can get my hands on it.  And just as much as I enjoy figuring out my favorite scents I enjoy reading about others favorite scents.  I believe that a fragrance says ALOT about a person, so take a sip of your green tea while I indulge you with a few of my favorite scents.  : )

Most Recent Fragrance Purchase: Juicy-Couture Couture Eau  de Parfum 
For Christmas I received a gift card and purchased this.  To my surprise, I love it!  I've always heard of Juicy and their purses, clothes, and fragrances but to be quite honest I was never really interested.  The apparel line doesn't really resonate with me and I figured it'd be the same with the perfumes.  I was definitely wrong!  This scent is so feminine and I love it, it reminds me of being young and pretty whilst enjoying a glass of pretty much reminds me of me! LOL  The longevity of the scent is definitely noteworthy, when I wear this to class I can still smell it on my bookbag when I get home, and that's just with three spritzes!

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Fragrance on Classic Status: Chanel- Allure
My mom gave this to me when I was like 15 years old, I never wore it until I was 18 and that's when things changed.  I became more mature and felt more like a woman.  This scent was definitely a huge part of that transition.  I must have worn this perfume everyday my freshman year of college and I'm sure my roommate at the time remembers the scent as well, LOL.  It may be a little on the "strong" side but it diminishes to a sultry scent after about an hour of wear.  The depth of it allows its strong scent not to be overpowering but instead like a raspy whisper, if you will.  ; )
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Fragrance that Surprised Me Most: Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton
I'll spare you the details on how I came to have this perfume, LOL.  If you don't know, Paris Hilton is an heiress to the Hilton hotel brand, in other words, she is BANKING!  She had a reality show a while back that was tacky in every sense of the word.  Although she may be tacky I must admit that she is a businesswoman and I respect that.  This perfume has a sweet smell, probably the ONLY sweet smelling perfume I have in my collection LIES.  Overall, it offers that innocent and young scent that I sometimes go for, it is more for the teenage crowd but every now and again I can appreciate reminiscing on my teenage years. ; )

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Fragrance to be Restocked: Chanel-Allure
See above.  I'm running low on this one anyway.

Fragrances that are on my 'to-investigate' list: Dolce & Gabbana-Rose The One, Michael Kors-Lola, Gucci-Guilty, and Rihanna-Rebelle

What are some of your favorite perfumes/colognes?  I want to know!


  1. lol! we have to go fragrance shopping together! i'm not as familiar with allure and the juicy fragrance. i had a juicy fragrance that i didn't like so i wasn't too keen on smelling the rest. i may be missing out lol chanel, i like the no. 5 now that they reformulated it (imo), chance and mademoiselle.

    for me, paris by paris hilson is a classic too!! i don't wear it much because it had a place in time with me and that time has passd so i feel a bit bored when i wear it.

    you know how i feel about rose the one... marc jacobs lola (?) i loved it! it's one of the few straight up florals that got my attention. i think you'll like it... the sad part is, im going hard for oh lola now. tisk tisk! gucci guilty is really nice, but i find it sometimes too average/mellow to stand out amongst my other selections. rihanna rebelle, it leaves me stuck on confused if i like it or not :/ (like the first one) i really want to love it cuz i love rih rih ... for the most part, lol!

  2. as if my comment wasn't long enough, i pressed publish too soon.

    the lady at rite aid told me that beyonce is one of the best selling perfumes in the store -__- lol

    make up some new categories about fragrance and i'll answer them too ;)

    1. lol! i didn't think i would have like lola as much as i did but once i took a sniff i was hooked! PLEASE check out chanel allure and tell me what you think! :)

  3. My girl, Ms. Glitz @ (, put me on to Paris Hilton!! LoL! I couldn't believe how good it smelled (sorry Paris)! :-/ My siggy fragance is D&G Light Blue!! I love it, it's light and airy!!

    1. i'm glad you like that paris! lol people always side eye me when i tell them it's a lovely fragrance but it is such a pleasant surprise.


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