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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Remove Cotton Stubble from your Cardigans

Ever purchased a brand new cardigan, you wear it once or twice, then you have to wash it and then BAM!  You’re left with the dreaded cotton stubble under the arm and along the sides.  This cotton stubble can also result from you carrying your purse, how could a necessary item cause so much unnecessary outcomes?  Life and times of women.  Well, I’ve found a solution for that problem.  Take a look see at what I’ve come up with.

Items that you will need:
Lint Roller

Stubby Cardigan

Shaving Razor  
This technique is REALLY simple, all you have to do is lay the cardigan on a flat and hard surface, take the shaving razor and with short strokes "shave" the cotton stubble off.  In between doing this you take the lint roller to remove the stubble off.  Don't  be surprised if you find some of the cotton gets on you, just shake your shirt and you will be fine.  :)   

Now here's how my cardigan came out after the work:

And there's an easy and simple way to eliminate the fuzz.  I hope this helps you all, any questions?  Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Create Your Own Beauty Storage

As much as I like to purchase new cosmetics I also have to deal with the fact of overcrowding and how that new beauty item will affect the rest of my storage space.  One day I sat and thought about this issue of too much cosmetics and how I, a proud member of the Sterilite committee would figure this thing out.  Then it came to me like an epiphany!  Not really, more like a bored-one-day-and-feeling-in-a-domestic-type-of-mood way.  Well, anyway, I figured since I have plenty of empty candle jars from Bath & Body Works, why not make due with what I have and turn it into a cute way to store my beauty essentials.  This is a super easy thing to do and takes a little more time to complete but trust me, the outcome is adorable!  You can thank me later, or now, whatever suits your fancy. Let’s start with the things you will need for this project:
Razor Blade (scissors are fine, I use the blades because their sharper and take up less space)
Decorative Tape (I purchased mine from Wally’s World but you can find these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
Bath & Body Works candle jar (you can use whatever jar your heart desires, I just happened to like these jars better)
A Wet Wipe

Now for the fun stuff! 
Step 1:  Use the scissors to dig out the wax and metal wick hooks at the bottom of the jar.  To make this task easier, I like to cut up diagonal marks in the wax first so that the pieces come out in chunks rather than in small pieces when you start to dig the wax out.  It should look like this:

At this point, the scissors will have wax all over it so use the wet wipe to clean off all the excess wax you accumulated while removing the wax. 

Step 2:  Now that you've dug out the chunks of wax out of the jar, you will want to begin the hardest part of the process which is removing the metal hooks at the bottom of the jar.  In order to do this the safest way possible I recommend having the jar about 10 inches away from your body.  Now, you can use the scissors to bend the bottom of the metal so that you will have a grip in order to hold on to while pulling it out of the jar.  The hooks are glued on so it will take a little bit of elbow grease on this step. 
Step 3:  Now that you have done that, you want to clean the jar of the smoke build up and wax.  I like to use hot water mixed with fabric detergent to clean my jars.  I then shake it like a  polarid picture for a bit and let it sit and soak for about two hours.

Step 4:  Now let's take that same wet wipe we used earlier for the scissors to wipe clean the jar after it has soaked for about two hours.  Don't forget to simply wet the bottom of the jar with the same warm water and detergent mixture--you will need to do this so that the sticker on the bottom easily glides off.  :)  You'll thank me for this.
Step 5:  Now that the jar is clean and dry you will want to take the decorative tape and razor blade and begin wrapping the tape around the jar.  The razor blade is used to cut the tape once it's been wrapped around the jar.
And Voila!  Your masterpiece is done!  You can choose to wrap the tape to the bottom or leave it alone like I choose to do because I like to be able to see what is inside.  I normally keep my foundation wedges, cotton balls, eyeliners, q-tips, and other things that fit in these jars.  I think it's a crafty way of making sure that your cosmetics don't take over your space--at least this does that but decoratively :D

So what do you think, ladies?  Yay or Nay?

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